Mom: Supported. Renewed.

Motherhood is challenging, complicated, messy and often isolating. The Mom Toolkit is designed to help you feel better about the amazing job you're doing and give you support along the way!  You are good at your job.


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Thriving in Motherhood

The Mom Toolkit offers a blend of practical tools, support and the reminders you need to feel strong during your journey as mom.

  • Connect deeply with your kids and enjoy parenting
  • Establish natural, flexible routines that work with the rhythm of your day
  • Your body can be your best friend, learn how
  • Let go of 'doing it all' and find support all around you
  • Wake up the spark with your partner, be more than roommates
  • Put yourself first, guilt and shame free!
Are you ready to manage your motherload?

Sections in The Mom Toolkit Course:

Own Your Day

Solutions for your routine.

Do you really understand where all your time goes? We'll look at what patterns have been stealing your time. Let's break it down and make your time work for you instead! 


More Than Roommates

Maintaining partner connection. 

Staying connected is its own art form and when you add children, all structure can be challenged. Find those sparks and help them grow. 

Build Your Community

Understand your support system. 

As moms we get this impression that we're supposed to do it all on our own. This section we shine light on your community and identify areas that need building up. 

Love Your Body

Body Awareness and Nutrition

Raising humans requires a lot of energy, often we let go of taking care of our own body's needs. We'll cover what your body craves for fuel and how movement can look with your busy lifestyle. 

Nourish the Nurturer

Realistic self-care and self-awareness. 

Self-care is a fantastic buss word and now learn how to realistically fit it into your day! Learn to take care of you, so that you can care for others. 

Flourish as a Mom

Development and Play-Based Parenting

Ever wish your children had a manual? Consider The Mom Toolkit one step closer! We explore ways to incorporate play to make your job easier. 

The Mom Toolkit provides real, simple actions that you can take today for less chaos and more bliss.