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Homeschool Guide


This is a quick guide to help you think about homeschooling and how you might want to do it. You will need to ask for permission to access it. 

Interview with Your Brilliance

You’re a mom. Of course you feel mom guilt. Being a parent is tough. There’s never enough help, and there’s never enough time, and you’re never measuring up to that vision of the Ideal Mom you have in your head.

 Being in Possibility Podcast:

Interview with Erin Long on parenting, adoption, the course and homeschooling on the urban homestead. 

Coming Soon: Binary Thinking

Build a Stress Toolkit

This step by step guide helps you build your stress toolkit to use when you need it most!


Tidy up Lists

Help your kiddos with their chores by setting clear expectations. Laminate and let them mark it off! 

Family Expectations

Printable that helps set expectations on how we treat each other and the ways we can hope to be treated.  

Time Management

Do you always wonder where your time is going? Use this tool to create better time awareness and use. 

Cleaning Goals

Not sure where to begin? Use this guide for ideas. Remember that these are not 'shoulds' just reminders for when you can't pick one next thing.  Editable copy included.



Resource Sheet

This continually growing list includes education, birthing, therapy, fitness, carseat safety, parenting support, nursing and many other things you'll need as a parent!

 Upset Report

When your kiddo has a hard time breaking down a large outburst, this sheet can help them put feelings to paper. (great for adults too)   

Kid's Cleaning Goals

Kids do better when they can check off their own items and they know there is an end in sight. Consistency is rewarded when we give them this easy checklist.

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