Tiffany Kilpatrick -

Founder of The Mom Toolkit

I know you’re probably short of time so here are the quick details:
– I’m a mom, I’ve been a personal trainer, a foster parent and I LOVE organization. I want to help you connect to the joy in your life. If you have more time, read my story below:

My husband and I started our parenting journey in 2012. While the journey has been quite a rollercoaster, it’s given us the opportunity to learn and grow into connection focused parents.  I’ve invested in hundreds of hours of parenting classes, trainings through the state, retreats, conferences and continuing education trainings, videos, support groups and books – to be the parent I am today. My goal is to help you use the tools I’ve learned. The Mom Toolkit course focuses on parenting styles that include: connection before correction, prioritizing their heart, trust based relationships and understanding how behavior is a result of how a child feels.

In 2016 I bought a FIT4MOM franchise (focus on prenatal and postpartum fitness) and went from a group fitness attendee to a program owner. As an owner I became a nationally certified Group Fitness Instructor and also a Personal Health Coach. It really opened my eyes to the diet culture we live in and the shame imbodies women and our bodies. 

The Mom Toolkit supports women who need help connecting to the joy while raising children. This course, membership, workshop and support are life-changing tools.

 I love spending time with my family and friends, being a motivating leader, running and hiking in the PNW, and being proud of my home and life.

Let me know how I can help you… because we all need extra support!

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